In 2017 the HopSol Youth Soccer League startet sponsored with 1 million Namibia Dollars by HopSol. One year after the launch of the HopSol Youth Soccer League the success of the league can only be named as phenomenal. Over 1,000 kids were participating in the soccer tournaments during 2017 and were inspired by the professional set-up and the challenging competitions between clubs and schools from all over the Windhoek region.

Meanwhile more than 2,000 kids are registered to play in 2019 in the HopSol Youth Soccer League which is currently the only youth soccer league in Namibia carried out in a professional way. More information on

Furthermore Black Africa, a Namibian Premier League team, partners with HopSol Youth Soccer League. A U17 team made up by the best youth players of the HopSol Youth Soccer League and coached by Collin Benjamin, a former icon at Hamburger SV, played at the Future Champions Tournament in Johannesburg in March 2018.The games of this high-calibre tournament were broadcasted all over Africa on Supersport TV channel.

In November 2019 HopSol confirmed to continue its sponsorship for the next three years so that the HopSol Youth Soccer League can continue with its success story and the lives of so many young Namibian players can have a perspective.

mtc, the first and largest Namiibian mobile telecommunication company, committed to support the HopSol Youth Soccer League in July 2020 with 1.5 mio NAD for the following three years. mtc was impressed by HopSol´s efforts to develop the youth across different age groups and football structures and wants HopSol to continue with this success story.







Press Release February 2018


 Namibian Sun, 21 February 2018



Press Conference in HopSol offices in Windhoek - 18 January 2017



All information about the HopSol Youth Soccer League can be found on .