Allgemeine Zeitung July 2020 mtc supports HopSol Youth Soccer League

Namibia Media Holdings February 2020 HopSol Kick-Off 2020

Allgemeine Zeitung February 2018 Nachwuchsliga beginnt

Namibian Sun 21 February 2018 Black Africa Partners with HopSol

Press Release HopSol Youth Soccer League 2018

Allgemeine Zeitung January 2017 HopSol und Collin Benjamin gründen HopSol Jugendfußball-Liga

The Republikein January 2017  Jeugligas kry geldelike inspuiting

The Namibian January 2017  HopSol launches Youth Soccer League

Allgemeine Zeitung September 2016 HopSol Sponsors Namibian Football Coaching

The Republikein July 2016  Grootste PV-aanleg lewer skoon krag

Construction Magazine 2016 Solar Energy Exploits in Namibia

Press Release HopSol Otjozondjupa Solar Park June 2016

Namibian Sun June 2016  HopSol Lightening the Way to the Future

ESI Africa  March 2016  Namibia: HopSol works with First Solar on Otjozondjupa Solar Park

Solar Server March 2016  HopSol AG stattet Photovoltaik-Kraftwerk mit 5 MW in Namibia mit Modulen von First Solar aus

IWR  February 2016  HopSol errichtet Namibias größtes Solarkraftwerk

Southern Africa Times February 2016 HopSol Succeeding Where Others are Failing

The Villager January 2016

Economist January 2016 HopSol delivers cheaper energy

New Era January 2016 Standard Bank finances multi-million dollar solar power plant

Allgemeine Zeitung October 2015 Solar Power Progressing

The Namibian July 2015 First PPA with CENORED

Allgemeine Zeitung March 2014 Africa´s biggest off-grid solar power plant

The Namibian November 2013 Biggest private investment into solar power in Namibia

Press Conference 04 November 2013 Biggest private investment into solar power in Namibia

Allgemeine Zeitung September 2013 Biggest solar power plant in Namibia on Maerua Lifestyle Shopping Center

Informanté July 2013 African Marketing goes solar with HopSol

Republikein May 2013 HopSol moves to bigger offices

Republikein April 2013 Woermann Brock Supermarkets Katutura and Rehoboth

New Era April 2013 Woermann Brock Supermarket Katutura

Republikein February 2013

Allgemeine Zeitung February 2013

Press Conference 04 December 2012

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